PTTEP Starts Producing Natural Gas from Arthit Field

The Arthit Project which is operated by PTTEP has started producing natural gas. It will add 10% to the supplies for domestic use and will serve the country's demands for as long as 20 years.

PTTEP Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Anon Sirisaengtaksin said that Arthit, a big offshore natural gas field in the Gulf of Thailand, started producing natural gas on March 26, 2008 at 10:30 hours at the initial rate of 80 million cubic feet per day (MMSCFD). The flow rate rose to 130 MMSCFD today (March 27). PTTEP expects it to go up to 200 MMSCFD in the next few days. Afterwards, the company will start the second compressor (Compressor Train 2) to increase the production rate to meet the daily contract quantity (DCQ) at 330 MMSCFD.

During the test production period earlier this month, PTTEP encountered minor production system problems because Arthit is a brand new project which just started operating. The problems have been addressed and repair work is almost completed. There have been no gas pipe leaks.

Mr. Anon said he is happy with the successful development and operation of Arthit Project because it is the first one that PTTEP, a Thai owned company, played a major role in all of its development stages starting from exploration, development, and production. Natural gas from this project will help raise PTTEP's overall sales volume target this year up to 223,334 barrel of oil equivalent per day.

Arthit Project covers an area of 3,682 square kilometers. It is situated in Navamindra Petroleum Area in the Gulf of Thailand about 230 kilometers off Songkhla shore. PTTEP has invested about 1,000 million US dollars in the project. It is one of the three important gas projects in the Gulf of Thailand that PTTEP is operating. The other two projects are Bongkot and the MTJDA B-17. PTTEP hold 80 % shares in Arthit Project. Other partners are Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production which holds 16% share and MOECO Thailand with 4% share.