Weatherford to Provide Optical Monitoring for Marco Polo

Weatherford International has been awarded a six-well contract to provide its Simply Intelligent(TM) permanent downhole optical pressure, temperature and distributed temperature sensing (DTS) systems for Anadarko's Marco Polo Deepwater Development.

Weatherford's Simply Intelligent optical gauges provide real-time measurements of wellbore pressure and temperature while its optical DTS systems acquire a well's temperature profile without the need for costly well intervention.

"Weatherford's optical sensing technology, experience and reliability were key to our final decision. We needed a reliable system that can incorporate both a single-point pressure temperature measurement and a full wellbore distributed temperature system into a single control line system. Weatherford offers excellent quality and very reliable technology to do that," said Kevin D. Renfro, Offshore Completions Engineering Supervisor for Anadarko.

Tie-back and completion operations will begin on the six-well completion program later this year. The wells, located in water depth of 4287 ft., will be completed with 9-5/8" casing to TD and frac-packed. Weatherford's Simply Intelligent optical gauges will be installed immediately above the gravel pack packer. A full optical surface acquisition unit -- with Weatherford's DTS Systems option -- will be installed on the TLP.

"Anadarko's decision to award us the Marco Polo monitoring contract is very encouraging," said Weatherford Completion Systems President Stuart Ferguson. "We see this as further validation of the adoption of optical sensing technology by the industry in general. This award also demonstrates the effectiveness of the team we have put in place to accelerate commercialization of our optical sensing systems. We look forward to helping Anadarko realize value from these systems on Marco Polo."