Play Ball: Fox Calls Up Webb To Assist With Catcher's Mitt Prospect

Fox Petroleum Inc. announced the addition of Bruce Webb as a consultant enlisted to arrange the permitting of two wells on the Catcher's Mitt prospect in Alaska's Cook Inlet. Upon permit approval, the Company plans to drill the two wells during this upcoming winter season. In consideration of the various consulting services to be provided by Mr. Webb to Fox, we agreed to pay Mr. Webb a non refundable fee of US$20,000 and issue 50,000 pre-split restricted shares of the Company's common stock upon receipt of the permitting to drill the above noted gas wells.

"Fox is eager to utilize Mr. Webb's localized knowledge and experience to permit these two wells," said Richard Moore, CEO and director of Fox. "His influence is expected to further enhance Fox's intentions to bring our winter drilling schedule to fruition."

Mr. Webb brings over 20 years of land negotiation, compliance and permitting experience, including 13 years with the State of Alaska's Department of Natural Resources as a Natural Resource Specialist, Permitting and Compliance and another five years with the state's Department of Community and Regional Affairs. A long-time participant in the oil and gas industry, Webb's specialty lies in his knowledge of the Alaskan permit process and in negotiating acquisitions and farm-ins.

A life-long Alaskan and well-established member of the business community, Webb is an expert on Alaskan land issues, dealing with oil and gas producers, native communities, local governments and other regulatory entities. Currently he serves as Manager of Land and Regulatory Affairs for Aurora Gas, LLC, President of Webb Petroleum and Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for Alaskan Crude Corporation.