ExxonMobil Says Jansz Could be Australia's Largest Gas Find

Mobil Exploration and Producing Australia Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil Corporation, confirmed that further exploratory drilling on the Jansz field off the Northwest coast of Western Australia has indicated the presence of a world-class gas resource.

Jansz-2 was drilled in late 2002 to determine the extent of the Jansz-1 discovery made in 2000 in the WA-268-P exploration permit (now WA-18-R), located approximately 200 kilometers off the Western Australia coast of Karratha. The Jansz-2 well was drilled in 1,350 meters of water to a depth of approximately 3,300 meters below sea level.

The Jansz field covers an area in excess of 2,000 square kilometers and has an interpreted 400 meter gross gas column. Including an extension into the adjacent WA-267-P block, it is estimated that the field contains approximately 20 trillion cubic feet of recoverable sales gas.

"ExxonMobil believes this to be the largest gas discovery ever to have been made in Australian waters," said Australian Exploration Director Doug Schwebel.

"Jansz now represents around 40 percent of the undeveloped discovered gas resources in the deepwater Carnarvon Basin," he said.

ExxonMobil holds a 50 percent equity interest, and is operator of the WA-18-R permit.

ChevronTexaco holds the remaining 50 percent equity interest. Equity in the adjacent WA-267-P block is ChevronTexaco 50 percent (operator), ExxonMobil 25 percent, Shell 12.5 percent and BP 12.5 percent. The joint venture plans to drill an appraisal well (Jansz-3) and perform a production test in mid-2003, to further delineate the resource.

Jansz Field Location Map