Feelin' Irie: DMT's Ocean Pioneer Heads to Trinidad

Deep Marine Technology, Inc. announces that the 205ft, 4 point dive vessel, the Ocean Pioneer, is headed to work for Capital Signal in Trinidad. Working in water depths from 0-3,000fsw, the Ocean Pioneer will be performing primarily survey work.

The project, starting in the first half of April, is scheduled to last approximately 90 days. In the meantime, DMT will be pursuing other prospects to keep the vessel in that area indefinitely.

"We are excited about this opportunity to work with Capital Signal and have the chance to send the Ocean Pioneer vessel to the area to establish ourselves in the diving arena in Trinidad and the surrounding waters," stated Mike Luinstra, VP of Diving.

The Ocean Pioneer contains a 10Ton Petibone Pedestal Crane, Skagit RV 90 waterfall winch with level winders, with (4) 5,000ft anchor cables, and accommodations for 36.