Deep Down Delivers Second 4000-Meter-Rated LARS

Deep Down, Inc. has shipped the second of what is believed to be the deepest class rated Launch and Retrieval System ("LARS") in the world.

The 4,000 meter rated LARS was specially designed for subsea load handling, lifting and tensioning, and launch and retrieval of specialized undersea equipment, including Remote Operated Vehicles ("ROV"), in ultra-deep and harsh subsea environments. Special functions include auto-variable speed control (load dependent), wire spooling and guide systems, grooved drums, emergency release capabilities, gravity lowering, emergency hoisting abilities, and a water-cooled drum to reduce heat on the umbilical.

The safe working load of the LARS is 28 tonnes, and the system is capable of delivering payloads at speeds of up to 76 meters per minute. Another unique feature of this LARS is the specially designed wraparound level wind sensor system which allows for more sensitive yet smoother operation in rugged, high-load, ultra-high deepwater applications. At the customer's request, Deep Down was storing the system at its facilities in Channelview until a vessel was ready to receive it.