PetroSouth Issued New Trading Symbol, Completes Name Change

PetroSouth Energy Corp. announced that it is now trading under the new trading symbol "WCYO" on the NASD OTC Bulletin Board. The Company has also changed its corporate name to West Canyon Energy Corp. We have changed the name of our company to better reflect the proposed future direction and business of our company.

The Company's new CUSIP number is 951736 107.

West Canyon Energy is a Houston, Texas-headquartered independent oil and gas exploration and production Company, with operations in Colombia and the continental United States. The Company's core focus is the development of petroleum and natural gas production resources in properties with sizeable reserve potential.

The Company has participation stakes in three separate Colombian blocks representing 197,333 acres, and recently announced Farm-in agreement in the North Semitropic Prospect located in San Joaquin Basin of Kern County, California. Along with the acquisition of the property in Kern County, California, and the prolific nature of the acreage there, there are several other potential projects within the U.S. under review.

Fred B. Zaziski, Chairman of PetroSouth Energy, states: "West Canyon Energy Corp. will continue to look at the development of high-impact prospects through the use of property acquisition and operating agreements within the continental U.S."