Production Enhancement Group Announces Intl Contract Award

Production Enhancement Group, Inc. is announcing award of its first non-North American contract, of any type, for any of its product or service offerings.

Wise Well Intervention, the operating arm of PEG, was awarded a one-year (plus) Contract to provide Primary and Secondary Cementing, as well as, Stimulation Services to Belize Natural Energy Limited ("BNE"). BNE has been involved in an exploratory and developmental drilling campaign in Belize for some time and most of the activity BNE plans for the next two years is exploratory in nature.

Also, up to now BNE is the only oil company to discover oil and begin development in Belize. "We are very excited about this development and are looking forward to working closely with BNE to assist with the development of these resources for both BNE and the independent nation of Belize," said Don Cobb the CEO of PEG. "This is an important and significant first step in converting our Company into a true international player."