Shumate Certified, Licensed For Hemiwedge Cartridge Valve

Shumate Industries announced that its Hemiwedge Valve Corporation (HVC) division has been granted API and ISO registration for its quality program and API 6D license for its Hemiwedge(R) Cartridge Valve line.

Following a recommendation of the APIQR Audit Team, Hemiwedge Valve Corporation was granted registration and API 6D (Pipeline Valves) licensing based on satisfactory implementation of a Quality Management System and demonstrated capability to meet specification requirements.

The notification includes API Spec Q1 (Quality Management) and ISO/TS 29001 registration. TS29001 is an ISO sector-specific quality management standard dedicated to the oil and natural gas industry and identical to API Spec Q1, 7th Edition (less Annex A). The notification also includes certification to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Requirements.

"Our success in reaching this major milestone is directly attributed to the strong management support of the entire staff. Each employee must take credit for a job well done and commitment to provide value to our customers," stated Paul Dreiss, Quality Manager for Hemiwedge Valve Corporation.

"The ability to apply the API 6D monogram is a dominate requirement for selling into the pipeline industry segment," according to Stan Allen, Vice-President of Technology and Business Development for Hemiwedge Valve Corporation. "It opens additional doors for sales within process installations such as refineries and petrochemical plants, and even production facilities which often specify API 6D as the applicable standard for on-off valves."

Hemiwedge Valve Corporation was formed to develop and commercialize a new patented technology addressing significant needs in the global valve market. The Hemiwedge(R) Cartridge valve is a quarter-turn hemispherical wedge valve, engineered to provide substantial performance improvements over existing products in the marketplace today, such as traditional butterfly, ball, and gate valve designs. Product offering currently includes 2 to 10 NPS, in ASME/ANSI Class 150 to 900.

The patented design of the Hemiwedge(R) Cartridge valve combines the benefits of quarter-turn valves with the durability of gate valves. The product has a non-rotating core which guides the fluid flow through the valve to the Hemiwedge itself. The hollow hemisphere's inner and outer walls are slightly offset with non-concentric centers, providing a hemispherical wedge shape -- the Hemiwedge(R). Operation of the valve rotates the Hemiwedge(R) a quarter-turn and moves it between the core and valve seat, thus controlling the flow. The design features in the combination of the Hemiwedge(R) shut off and stationary core make the Hemiwedge(R) Cartridge valve one of the most innovative new valve designs in the industry today. Targeted applications currently include severe service requiring a tight, mechanical closure and critical shutoff applications requiring high reliability.