Oil Spill Magic? MOP Seeks Funding For Cleanup Aquatic Tool

MOP Environmental Solutions reported that with the prototype MOP-CAT (Cleanup Aquatic Tool) now demonstrated, construction of full size MOP-CATs await funding. The MOP-CAT's first public demonstration is anticipated to show its ability to recover above 1,000 barrels a day of pipeline quality oil from oil spills. With oil prices toping $100 a barrel, that's $100,000 a day. At $100,000 in daily revenues each MOP-CAT could pay for itself in as little as one day.

As stated by the Company's President, "There is a dire need for this technology today. We know of individual sites that can use more than 20 MOP-CATs daily for over a year to clean up latent oil spills. This translates into $2,000,000 a day in revenues at an estimated operating cost of as little as $20 a barrel or less. Under these conditions, the ability of a MOP-CAT to deliver pipeline quality oil from oil spills would rival that of highly productive oil wells. To capture these high revenues, our initiative to license many sites such as these is underway."