Deep Down Delivers Next Generation Steel Flying Leads

Deep Down, Inc. has shipped $1.5 million worth of products for the Phoenix project, including six next generation Loose-tube Steel Flying Leads (LSFLs). Additional revenue will be generated through installation support at a later date.

Several of these LSFLs contain fifteen (one-half inch) Super Duplex steel tubes. The LSFLs were delivered to the customer and incorporated into a successful Systems Integration Test program. The LSFLs possess newly engineered and improved features that are so significant in the evolution of steel flying leads that Deep Down is applying for patents. The newly improved design of the LSFLs makes these much easier to install. Quicker, easier, ROV-based installations translate into significant cost savings for Deep Down's customers.

Deep Down also delivered four Electrical Hydraulic Compliant Moray(TM) Umbilical Termination Heads, which were terminated to the end of steel tube umbilicals. The use of Electrical Hydraulic Compliant Moray Umbilical Termination Heads allows full sized umbilicals to be plugged directly into subsea trees by a remote operated vehicle, thus eliminating the need for large Umbilical Termination Assemblies (UTA). The unique Umbilical Termination Head design translates into additional cost savings and is ideal for single well tie-backs or long extension umbilicals.

Deep Down will deliver the LSFLs on its proprietary Subsea Deployment Baskets (SDB). The installation contractor is considering installing the LSFLs with Deep Down's recently introduced subsea deployment method because of its effectiveness in reducing installation time. The use of SDBs also reduces the risk for safety incidents by reducing the amount of personnel time needed to deploy LSFLs over a lay chute versus the seconds it takes to overboard a SDB into the water.

"Our personnel have been instrumentally involved in the design, manufacture, and installation of steel flying leads since the initial concept. We are committed to the introduction of new concepts to improve the design, function, and cost of steel flying leads to assist our customers in the production of deepwater reserves," commented Ronald E. Smith, Deep Down's President and Chief Executive Officer.