Bergen Wins Lundin Contract

Bergen Oilfield Services (BOS) has recently been awarded a contract by Lundin to undertake a 3D seismic survey in the UK sector.

The project will utilise BOS Arctic, BOS's six streamer 3D vessel, to undertake approximately 250 square kilometres of survey during the 2008 European summer.

Jan Sovik, Executive VP Marketing and Sales said he was pleased with the contract win and expected 2008 to be an extraordinary year for BOS. "BOS is looking forward to working with Lundin on this project. The announcement of this contract win is a fantastic start to the first quarter of 2008 and is great news for the first season of operation for our 3D vessel -- BOS Arctic," he said.

"Since we started marketing ourselves toward the end of 2007 we have had a positive response from the market and this is only the beginning for us. "As we slowly become prequalified around the world, we anticipate the number of contracts to grow exponentially as we strive to become a driving force in the offshore seismic data acquisition and processing market.

"We believe that what we are offering is something a little different. We own the whole value chain from steel to seismic data. In short, we refurbish and or build these seismic vessels from steel, shoot the seismic and process the data ourselves; something that has not been traditionally focused on within the market.

"BOS takes on the risk to ensure that the project runs smoothly and afterwards the client gets good quality data in a form that they can read and analyse.

"It is a big statement to say that we have attained the right mix of client focus, technology and skilled employees to deliver what the market has been waiting for, but it is something that we maintain and can defend."