Fugro's Geo Searcher Survey Vessel Upgraded

Fugro Survey's advanced survey vessel Geo Searcher has been upgraded to enable it to gather hydrographic and geophysical data in greater water depths, at higher speeds and in more marginal weather conditions.

The first step has been to fit a Kongsberg Simrad EM 1002 multibeam echo sounder. This operates at 95kHz and provides double the spatial resolution of the previously fitted EM 1000. It operates from the shoreline to depths of 1000m with cross-track coverage of 1500m in deeper waters and in shallow waters up to 7.4 times depth beneath the transducer. Accuracy is 10cm or 0.2 percent of depth, whichever is greater.

The second upgrade is the installation of a GeoAcoustics GeoPulse sub-bottom profiling system. This has 16 hull-mounted transducers which provide the narrow beam pattern required for deep water operations in marginal weather conditions.