Global Industries Expands Capabilities With Schilling UHD ROVs

Schilling Robotics, Inc., a major producer of advanced remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) and market-leading remote manipulator systems, has supplied Global Industries, Ltd. with two ultraheavy-duty UHD ROV systems during the first quarter of 2008. The class-leading power and technology provided by Schilling's UHD vehicles will allow Global Industries to operate in the harshest subsea environments and perform the most demanding construction and intervention tasks.

Global Industries, with approximately 5,000 employees worldwide, a marine fleet of 30 vessels, and a forecast of considerable growth, is including Schilling ROVs as an integral part of its growth strategy. "Global selected Schilling because of its outstanding reputation as a leading manufacturer of ROV systems and robotics," remarked Jim Dore, Global Industries' senior vice president responsible for world-wide diving and subsea services. "We anticipate that these systems will leapfrog us into yet another phase of strategic growth for Global Industries."

The ROVs (Schilling UHD production units 30 and 31) feature 200 horsepower and are rated for operation to a depth of 4,000 meters. Each system includes Schilling's extended-excursion XE Tether Management System and features its Remote Systems Engine technology with gigabit Ethernet, high-definition video capability, and advanced auto functions. ODIM launch and recovery systems, featuring active heave compensation, are integrated with the systems on board Global Industries' new-build vessel Olympic Challenger.

The initial systems will be tasked to perform a wide variety of subsea operations in construction, IRM, SURF installation, general field development, and deepwater support.

"We are pleased to have been selected by Global Industries to provide the foundation for their new ROV division," commented Jason Stanley, Schilling's vice president of sales and marketing, remote systems. "We are also looking forward to working closely with the Global Industries team to provide training and technical support to ensure that their inaugural operation goes well."

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