Rohrback Cosasco Systems Introduces New Corrosion Data Reader

Rohrback Cosasco Systems (RCS) introduced the Checkmate DL a new portable handheld instrument that allows the user to quickly and safely read corrosion data from a Data Logger or Remote Data Collectors (RDCs) and then easily transfer the data directly to a computer for graphing and corrosion analysis.

The Checkmate DL is a key component of the entire corrosion analysis process. Initially the corrosion is detected at source from the probe and then sent by a transmitter to a corrosion data logger or Remote Data Collector. The Checkmate DL then captures this corrosion data and easily transfers it to analysis software.

Like its predecessor it is compatible with all the corrosion data loggers and remote data collectors in the RCS range of products including all CORROSOMETER and CORRATER Remote Data Collector units and MICROCOR Data Loggers.

For non hazardous areas a portable PC can configure and retrieve data from data loggers or RDCs. In hazardous areas classified as Class I, Zone 1 or Class I, Zone 2, the portable handheld Checkmate instrument is a much safer option. Since the transmitter and data logger are explosion proof and intrinsically safe, the entire corrosion monitoring system is deemed safe through each step in the process. The corrosion data can now be easily collected without having to move the data logger to a safe area.

The Checkmate DL requires 6 AA batteries and typically has 10 hours of continuous operation and includes a field carrying case. It can operate at a great range of temperatures from -18 Celsius up to 50 Celsius and is UL and CE compliant. This portable unit can capture and store readings of up to 50 different corrosion data loggers or 57,330 MICROCOR Data Logger readings when programmed for MICROCOR Systems.