BG Brings Seymour Field Onstream

BG Group reports that well 22/5b-A12z in the Seymour field in the North Sea, 156 miles north east of Aberdeen, was brought into production on March 15, 2003. During earlier tests the gas condensate well flowed at a maximum rate of 44 million cubic feet per day on a 60/64th inch choke.

The well - drilled from the Armada platform and spudded on September 26, 2002 - is operated by BG Group, with 57% equity, on behalf of partners TotalFinaElf (25%) and Centrica Resources Limited - a wholly owned subsidiary of Centrica plc - (18%).

As well as developing new reserves from the South West Seymour area of the Seymour field, the A-12z well will extend the period over which the Armada platform processing capacity remains fully utilized, gas and condensate from the well will be processed on the Armada platform before being shipped to market through the CATS gas pipeline and the Everest and Forties liquids pipelines.

BG Group, Executive Vice President for the UK, Jon Wormley said today: "We are delighted with the achievements at Seymour. The A12z well was drilled, completed and brought into production in only five months - ahead of schedule and under budget. This challenging schedule was met thanks to innovative commercial arrangements with the Armada partners and close co-operation with the CATS, Forties and Everest system owners." The A12z well is an advanced 3D directional platform well, with a maximum deviation of 60 degrees. It was drilled by the jack-up rig Galaxy III, positioned alongside the BG-operated Armada platform, to a total depth of 12,780 feet.