ffA Unveils 3D Seismic Analysis Software

Foster Findlay Associates (ffA) has released SVI Pro 2008, the latest version of its 3D seismic analysis software. SVI Pro 2008.1 is now available for Windows and Linux and contains more advanced, innovative tools designed to enable faster screening of 3D data sets and more robust delineation of complex geological entities. The latest version also introduces CarbApp, a set of techniques aimed specifically at the analysis of carbonate intervals.

SVI Pro 2008 offers significant advances in the capability and usability of the SVI Pro software. The new tools, ScanInterp, Iso-Proportional Slicing and CarbApp have been developed in direct response to client needs and in cooperation with ffA's industry partners. By introducing the Linux version of SVI Pro, ffA is ensuring total accessibility of its world leading 3D analysis tools to the widest possible user base.

Jonathan Henderson, ffA's Managing Director commented, "ffA's development program is customer focused. By utilizing our in-house knowledge and expertise we are able to create robust and easy to use software solutions to successfully satisfy our ongoing customer requirements. The latest release of SVI Pro 2008 demonstrates our commitment to the marketplace and reinforces our ability to deliver service excellence and innovation".