Sonatrach Receives Ten Bids for Gassi Touil Project

Ten oil companies have submitted bids for the Gassi Touil project in Algeria, which involves the development and marketing of 255 billion cubic meters of natural gas. Algeria hopes to boost its exports by 37% to 85 bcm per year by 2005.

Companies submitting bids include Anadarko Petroleum, Occidental Petroleum, Shell, Statoil, Agip, TotalFinaElf , Cepsa, BP, BHP and a joint venture of Gaz de France and ConocoPhillips. Work on the project includes developing six gas fields, constructing liquefaction facilities, installing a pipeline network to transport gas to Skikda and Arzew, the country's Mediterranean export hubs, and marketing the gas. Final plans for the Gassi Touil project, such as the project design and the contractual terms under which bidders will be asked to submit an economic offer will be available shortly from Sonatrach. Gassi Touil is located near the Berkine oil field in southeast Algeria.