Nordic Receives License For 2nd Exploration Well At Preeceville

Donald Benson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nordic Oil and Gas Ltd., announced that the Company has received the second well license with regard to its upcoming drilling program at Preeceville, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"We are pleased to have now received the licenses for both wells, however we continue to wait for approval from Saskatchewan Environment, which we require before we can proceed with the commencement of drilling these wells," Mr. Benson said.

"At the same time, we also acknowledge that spring break-up will soon be upon us in the region and therefore we must also concede that the commencement of drilling these two wells will now occur in May," he added.

In other news, Mr. Benson also stated today that the Company has received a preliminary report from Petro-Find Geochem Ltd. ("Petro-Find"), which has been conducting additional surveys in the area. According to Petro-Find President, Paul Lafleur, P.Eng., four new major oil anomalies were discovered, including one in the vicinity of the Western Warner Warman well at 14-14-39-5W2.

"The most exciting find is a major oil anomaly in TWP 38, which is believed to be associated with a significant fracture/fault structure," Mr. Lafleur said.

The survey, which concentrated on the Nordic lands in Townships 38 and 39, Ranges 4W2 and 5W2, was of the reconnaissance type and samples were taken every 300 metres to ensure that fractures/faults and associated hydrocarbons were intersected.