Tartan Energy Logs Results from Silver Oak No. 1 Well

Tartan Energy reports that the Silver Oak No. 1 well has reached a depth of 5,872 feet of its anticipated 7,000 foot contracted depth. Drilling was stopped to log the upper Temblor, Carneros and Aqua sand intervals and to set a protective string of 7 inch diameter casing prior to drilling into the Bloemer/Belridge 64 sands. Target geological intervals have been encountered as projected and the Bloemer/Belridge 64 sands are expected to be encountered in a structurally high position to the offset Mobil, Williamson 33-11 well drilled in 1949.

Tartan has identified 7 potentially productive zones in the Upper Temblor, Carneros, Middle Carneros and Aqua sands. Almost all of these zones, had strong gas with oil showings recorded on the mud log, which total over 500 feet. Although Tartan has not yet received all of the processed data, Tartan's staff is very encouraged by all of the information gathered to date and therefore anticipates that the well will be completed as a successful producer. The 7 inch casing is currently being cemented into place and drilling is expected to resume over the weekend.