Paradigm Releases GOCAD Version 2.5.2 for Reservoir Modeling

Paradigm, a leading provider of enterprise software solutions to the global oil and natural gas exploration and production (E&P) industry, announces the worldwide release of its Paradigm GOCAD Suite Version 2.5.2 software package for reservoir engineering and advanced geologic and seismic interpretation. The suite includes four new workflow-based applications for improved functionality and interconnectivity in structural analysis, and incorporates many improvements from customer comments and suggestions.

Paradigm GOCAD Suite Version 2.5.2 extends interdisciplinary 3D subsurface modeling with integrated workflows, rigorous data analysis, new documentation, and the addition of plug-in extensions. The new version of GOCAD produces more accurate results and accelerates data processing, resulting in higher quality reservoir models.

GOCAD 2.5.2 presents a Microsoft-certified graphical user interface and introduces four new plug-in applications, including: Paradigm(TM) GOCAD(R) 2-D Restoration (Kine3D-2); Paradigm(TM) GOCAD(R) 3-D Restoration (Kine3D-3); Paradigm(TM) GOCAD(R) Finite Element Mesh Constructor (Tessellation Workflow); Paradigm(TM) GOCAD(R) Reservoir Risk Assessment (Jacta Cluster).

The four modules provide new structural interpretation functionality, integration with the Paradigm GOCAD Suite and seamless interaction across applications. Kine 2D-2 and Kine 3D-3 offer 2D and 3D restoration for advanced structural analysis to help geologists create coherent geologic interpretations when 3D seismic data is scarce. The Finite Element Mesh Constructor builds tetrahedral meshes for use in 3D restoration, and the Reservoir Risk Assessment application accelerates compute time in reservoir uncertainty analysis for faster reserve estimation and superior risk analysis.

"GOCAD Suite Version 2.5.2 represents Paradigm's commitment to meeting customer needs as well as the advancement of geologic restoration solutions," said Jean-Claude Dulac, chief architect for Paradigm. "GOCAD Version 2.5.2 achieves significant productivity gains while enabling more confident decision making. We were able to design new and upgraded tools to meet increased industry demand for faster processing and more accurate modeling."