Canoro Uffen Replaces Szczuczko As Geosciences Go-To Guy

Bob Szczuczko, Executive Vice-President Geoscience and Engineering, is no longer with Canoro Resources Ltd. In his place, Doug Uffen, Vice-President, Geoscience will be assuming responsibility for all geoscience activities and the company has hired John Kroshus as Vice-President, Engineering and Operations.

Mr. Doug Uffen is a Professional Geophysicist (APEGGA and NAPEGG) and Professional Geoscientist (APEGBC) who graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a BSc. (Hon) Geophysics and minor in Geology. Doug joined the company on November 1, 2007. Doug has worked for both large and small oil and gas companies in Calgary throughout his twenty-six year career. Recently, Doug was the VP of Geophysics and a senior partner of Petrel Robertson Consulting Limited, an international geosicence consulting firm based in Calgary. Formerly, he held positions as the Exploration Manager, Western Canada New Ventures as well as Chief Geophysicist at ConocoPhillips in Calgary. He has also worked with international datasets from Asia, Africa and Australia and South America. Doug has considerable exploration and field development expertise. He is also valued by industry as an accomplished speaker and technical educator.

Mr. John Kroshus is a Professional Engineer (APEGGA) with 26 years of Canadian and International oilfield experience focusing on development and operations management. He graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and the University of Alberta with a B.Sc. in Chemistry. John has worked for a variety of oil and gas companies, both internationally and domestically. Recently, John was the Project General Manager for a TNK-BP project in Siberia. Formerly, he has held other project management roles in Russia and Kazakhstan. John has a proven ability to successfully manage projects in logistically challenging areas and in developing gas/liquids projects. John will be working in India on a full time basis and reporting to the Steve Nerland our Country Manager.