BP and AAR Name New Company TNK-BP

Moscow BP and Alfa-Access-Renova Group announced the formation and membership of the Advisory Board that is intended to serve as the Board of Directors following the formal establishment of the new company later this year. They also named the Chief Executive Officer and other members of senior management and approved the name for the new holding company, which will be "TNK-BP".

The members of the Advisory Board are:
Mikhail Fridman, - Chairman, Alfa Group
Rodney Chase - Advisor to Group Chief Executive, BP
Len Blavatnik - Chairman, Access Industries
Patrick Chapman - Group Vice President and Treasurer, BP
Brian Gilvary - Group Vice President, Downstream, BP
Tony Hayward - Chief Executive, Upstream, BP
Andy Inglis - Group Vice President, Upstream, BP
Alex Knaster - Chief Executive Officer, Alfa Bank
Viktor Vekselberg - Chairman, Renova and Chairman of the Management Board, TNK
A member to be appointed by Alfa-Access-Renova
The proposed organizational structure and all appointments will take effect only on completion of the proposed transaction.