PENGASSAN Calls Off Oil Strike, Reaches Agreement with ExxonMobil

A strike that threatened to bring the oil industry in Nigeria to a dangerous precipice has been called off.

The Petroleum & Natural Gas Senior Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN) withdrew the call for a nation-wide strike after reaching an agreement with ExxonMobil. PENGASSAN called for workers to prepare for a strike in protest of the firing of 100 ExxonMobil employees. A meeting April 1 would have ended in the call for a strike, warned PENGASSAN, but talks held March 31 averted such an action.

"We have postponed the meeting indefinitely because we have received a positive response from Mobil which has agreed to recall the sacked workers," a PENGASSAN official told local media.

Strikes staged by PENGASSAN in the past have failed to shut down the entire industry in the country, though they have succeeded in disrupting work in some areas.

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