Western Australia Releases Geo. Survey for North Perth Basin

A new publication released by the Western Australia Department of Industry and Resources is helping explorers in their search for oil and gas in the highly-prospective north Perth Basin.

Titled, Leads and prospects within tenements of the Northern Perth Basin Western Australia 2002, the report contains valuable geoscientific information to help companies determine the most prospective areas of the northern Perth Basin.

Geological Survey Division Executive Director Tim Griffin said the release is especially timely, given the discoveries of oil and gas in a small part of the north Perth Basin. "In the last 12 months, the north Perth Basin has become one of the hottest places in Australia to look for oil and gas," Dr Griffin said.

"Companies such as Arc Energy, Australian Woodside Exploration, Bounty Oil and Gas, Norwest Energy, Pancontinental Oil and Gas, Roc Oil and Victoria Petroleum now have active exploration programs on the cards in the Perth Basin."

"Their interest has earmarked up to $50 million of exploration work in the Dongara region, south of Geraldton, for the next six months."

The report groups individual leads and prospects according to the major basin subdivisions. Prospectivity has then been assessed by a combination of trap, source, migration and reservoir information. "According to the data, the most favorable area for commercial quantities of oil and gas to occur is south of Dongara," Dr Griffin said.