United Heritage Begins Workover of 15 Wardlaw Field Wells

United Heritage Corporation, a public company involved in the development of medium gravity crude oil assets, today announced that it has started the work over of 15 wells in the Wardlaw Field. These are wells that have already produced oil in the past and have become economical to operate under current market conditions.

Following each well work-over, the inflow rate will determine whether to install new pumps or swab the well. Most wells will be set up to swab with air injection and will be part of a potential 80 well swabbing program, for which United Heritage is awaiting regulatory approval. The Field cleanup recently carried out in preparation for the commencement of the well work-over program met the Railroad Commission of Texas' approval. The re-commissioning of the Company's own drilling rig and swabbing unit will significantly reduced the work-over and operating costs of the wells.

Paul D. Watson, Chief Executive Officer of United Heritage Corporation and chairman of its board of directors said, "The short term primary focus of the Company is to increase production from the existing wells and infrastructure. However, this will not detract from the permitting and design objectives for the enhanced recovery pilot that we expect to commence implementation of in the second quarter 2008. We are additionally reviewing technological advancements in pumps, chemicals, steaming and others that will appropriately resolve the challenges of the field."