Arctic O&G Shopping Climatologist for Advisory Board

Arctic Oil & Gas will invite at least one top meteorologist/climatologist to join the Company's advisory board. Such an individual will be a great asset and will join Dr. Jonathan Bujack in bringing critical scientific credibility to the board.

The Company plans to continue to build its scientific strength, along with bringing onboard highly respected petroleum engineers, geologists, and geophysicists. Such individuals with experience with the hydrocarbon formations in cold climates will be exceptionally important.

Peter Sterling, Arctic CEO, stated, "We expect to announce the addition of at least one highly credentialed and known climatologist to our advisory board. This individual will aid us significantly in dealing with climatological and environmental questions that we expect to arise. Additionally, we anticipate many discussions about global warming and the arctic, along with how the Company will deal with these conditions."

Sterling continued, "We want to be prepared for all possibilities and eventualities. We know that we are in a complex region climatologically and geologically and we plan to surround ourselves with the best scientific minds to help us deal with any possible scenario."