CHC Wins North Sea Contract from ExxonMobil

CHC Helicopter has concluded a multi-year agreement with ExxonMobil to provide sole-use services of a new Super Puma AS332L2 helicopter, and sole-use services of a Super Puma AS332L out of Aberdeen. The service will provide support to ExxonMobil's production and drilling operations in the Northern Sector of the North Sea.

The contract will commence with the delivery to CHC, in July 2003, of a new Eurocopter Super Puma AS332L2, the latest generation of Super Puma helicopter currently available.

The contract represents an improved level of service and value over the existing contract which has been serviced by Super Puma AS332L aircraft from the CHC pool.

The contract is consistent with ExxonMobil's desire to use modern technology and equipment, providing state-of-the-art safety standards, and complements CHC's commitment to acquiring and operating the most advanced fleet of helicopters necessary to meet its customers' needs.