Pemberton to Start Drilling Second Well

Pemberton Energy Ltd. announced that it will start drill rig move to its 6-15-82-3 W6M (6-15) drill location on March 29, 2008 upon completion of production casing on its 10-15-82-3-W6M recently drilled well. The Company's geological and geophysical advisors evaluated data received from the mud logs and drill stem tests on its first well and based on this information and previously shot 2D and 3D seismic, recommended to increase the depth of the second drill location to include 2 potential oil producing zones in addition to the previously proposed Gething and Notikewan potential gas zones.

The Company is in the process of amending its drill license received on November 30, 2007 to increase estimated total depth from 1047 meters to 1144 m. Pemberton has already completed lease construction, rathole and mousehole on 6-15 drill location.