Pemberton to Case Well in Gage Program

Pemberton Energy Ltd. advised that Pemberton Gage 10-15-82-3W6M was successfully drilled into the Precambrian basement to a final total depth of 2395.5 on March 21, 2008 after nineteen days of drilling. On the basis of gas shows in the mud log and a petrophysical evaluation of the well logs, five drill stem tests were run in the wellbore.

After an evaluation of all the technical data by the Company's geological and engineering advisors, it was their recommendation that Pemberton Gage 10-15 be cased to a depth of 1322 m as a potential oil/gas producer. In addition, by drilling 10-15-82-3-W6M well to the Precambrian basement the Company has secured its mineral rights from surface to basement.

Management will evaluate a completion proposal from its geological and engineering advisors and will announce a perforating and fracturing schedule shortly.