WTR Introduces Technowrap to Improve Pipeline Repairs

In the fast paced and constantly developing global oil and gas industry, technological advancements are key to staying ahead of the game. With an innovative composite repair product line named 'Technowrap' and new resin to offer to the market, Walker Technical Resources (WTR) is focused on staying ahead of the competition says Managing Director Graham Birnie.

"WTR provides fully comprehensive engineered composite pipe repair solutions to the oil and gas industry. The company has developed some of the most advanced composite products in its field, which are highly regarded within the oil and gas industry for their cost-effectiveness, quality and durability while maintaining strict compliance with industry standards" explains Mr Birnie.

WTR's product line Technowrap Core, Technowrap 2K and Technowrap 3K primer have all been adapted to meet the specific needs of customers. Technowrap 2K High Temperature was developed to achieve temperatures up to 250 degrees C, an industry first in a niche market. Technowrap 3K Primer enhances the pressure retention repair capability allowing WTR to repair pipelines operating in excess of 120 Bar while maintaining a margin of safety according to industry standards.

"The latest innovative technology that has been added to the existing product line is a composite repair system specifically for pipelines, 'Technowrap' Pipeline Repair System (PRS). 'Technowrap' PRS, the result of over a year's research and development, consists of a special design and architecture of E-glass fibres, the result being increased stiffness and strength and is available to the market now. The new product has completed independent validation testing and is fully compliant with ISO/TS 24817 and ASME PCC-2 and is currently going through the Lloyd's Register Type Approval process."

The new product will grow WTR's portfolio of asset integrity capability substantially. Looking to the future of composite repairs, WTR is currently working with Interface Network - the knowledge connection for business, which acts as a central point of contact to enable companies to access Scotland's world-class technology, skills and research held within its universities and research institutes. Through this, WTR is currently working with Napier and Edinburgh University to develop further innovative technology for the composite industry.