Petrobras Sets Another Production Record

In February 2003 Petrobras achieved a new monthly oil production record in Brazil, with an average of 1 million 597 thousand barrels per day, breaking the previous record of 1 million 556 thousand barrels per day, achieved in the month of January, by almost 3% or 41 thousand barrels per day. From February's total production, 1 million 304 thousand barrels per day derived from the Campos Basin, which also achieves a new monthly oil production record.

The major facts that contributed with such result were:

  • the start of operation of FPSO-BRASIL, in the Roncador field, in December 2002, through the well RO-14. Now, there are four wells interconnected with that system, producing a volume of 64 thousand barrels per day since February 19;
  • the great operating efficiency obtained in the Campos Basin, with special attention to platform P-40 (Marlim Sul) which achieved, in February, a daily volume of 155 thousand barrels;
  • the highlighted production obtained in the terrestrial area of the state of Espírito Santo which, on February 16, achieved a record production of 30 thousand barrels;
  • the high operating performance of the FPSO Seillean in the Jubarte field, located in the north of the Campos Basin, in the offshore of the state of Espírito Santo, which has exceed 18 thousand barrels per day.