Terra Energy to Broaden the Company's Technology Platform

Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc., an energy and natural resource exploration technology company, announces a new IP strategy focusing on enhancement of its current technology platform.

The Company has initiated efforts to broaden its intellectual property base through the acquisition of additional geochemical and seismic technologies that are complementary to STeP and to create a suite of new exploration services offering to the industry, significantly improving success rate and efficiency.

"The ever growing need to minimize expenses related to exploration and development has always been a major concern to natural resource producers. As commodity prices continue to hover in the all-time high territory, more accurate and economical solutions are needed to address the issue. We believe we have the solution," said Dmitry Vilbaum, the Company's Chief Executive Officer.

"Terra Energy & Resource Technologies is, and has always been, dedicated to innovative technologies rendering significant improvements to the exploration process. We have identified new state-of-the-art technologies as a complement to our satellite-based STeP and are pursuing their acquisition in 2008," said Mr. Vilbaum. "We envision the new suite of technologies being able to effectively address major challenges of oil and gas exploration from effective regional studies of large license blocks to identification of zones of open fracturing and hydrocarbon saturation. We were founded on the vision of bringing a disruptive process to an industry that lacks innovation."