Victory Completes Listing on Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Victory Energy Corporation has successfully completed the steps to list its shares to trade on the Frankfurt stock exchange. The Frankfurt listing further allows European investors to buy shares in local currency and helps establish a more significant presence in Europe for the Corporation.

"We are excited to be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and look forward to the increased exposure the listing will provide," said Jon Fullenkamp, President of Victory Energy Corporation. "The Frankfurt listing is intended to increase awareness of Victory in Europe and posture the company for significant growth."

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB) is one of the world's largest trading centers for securities. Operated by the Deutsche Boerse AG, FWB is the largest of all German stock exchanges and responsible for approximately 90 percent of the securities trading volume in Germany. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange facilitates advanced electronic trading, settlement and information systems and enables cross-border trading for international investors. Victory trades under the following stock symbol, 4VY, and the WKN: AOML5Y.

Jon Fullenkamp, President of Victory Energy Corporation, stated, "The Frankfurt listing marks a further step in the company's evolution. Our global business development strategy is accompanied by a commitment to our investors to facilitate trading and, over time, enhance the liquidity of our common shares. There is established interest and expertise in Frankfurt in high-growth companies, and Frankfurt, as well as being a major global financial center has the benefit of being located in the Eurozone. This is one of many initiatives we are taking to increase market awareness for our Company and value for our investors. Several potential European investors have suggested that a Frankfurt listing will make it easier for them to invest in our Company."