ProAnalysis Gets First Order in Gulf of Mexico

Shell Exploration & Production US have placed an order with ProAnalysis AS for an Argus Oil in Water monitor to be installed at the Bullwinkle platform south of Louisiana, USA. The order represents the first installation of ProAnalysis' Argus technology in the Gulf of Mexico.

Gunnar Alfheim, Managing Director of ProAnalysis, says: "We are very pleased with the trust that Shell has placed in us with this order. Our Argus technology is developed specifically to handle challenging process conditions in the offshore O&G market, and with our experience from the deepwater platforms in the North Sea we are confident that we will meet Shell's demands."

Argus is a technology for on-line, real-time measurements of Oil in Water, for monitoring of water discharges to sea or water treatment process monitoring (often at high pressure, high temperature applications). The technology is built on laser-induced fluorescence, a robust and stable measurement principle. In addition, the unique ultrasound-based self-cleaning technology facilitates in-line measurements through a probe inserted directly in the water pipe, avoiding complex and expensive bypass loops. Argus requires low maintenance and operates at minimum ownership costs.