Roc Logs Pay with Cliff Head-4 Well

Roc Oil reports that the Cliff Head-4 appraisal well, in WA-286-P, in the offshore part of the northern Perth Basin, is drilling ahead to a revised Total Depth of 1,571 meters after coring most of the targeted reservoir section. According to preliminary evaluation of logs acquired while drilling the well has encountered a gross oil column slightly in excess of 30 meters with net reservoir development consistent with that seen in previous wells. The revised Total Depth is a consequence of the Joint Venture's decision to drill to top Basement in order to maximize the amount of subsurface data obtained from the well.

CH-4, which is located approximately one kilometer southeast of the bottom hole location of the recently drilled CH-3 appraisal well, is expected to reach the revised Total Depth early this week and a full suite of wireline logs is expected to have been acquired by mid week. In accordance with the pre-drill plan and regardless of the additional details obtained, CH-4 will be plugged and abandoned.

The Joint Venture is currently considering whether or not to drill Cliff Head-5 as the last well in the current drilling program which has seen two successful appraisal wells drilled within the Cliff Head Oil Field (CH-3/CH-3-ch3-1 and CH-4) and two dry holes drilled on nearby prospects, (Mentelle-1 and Vindara-1).

The WA-286-P Joint Venture partners are Roc Oil as operator with 30%; AWE Oil with 27.5%; Wandoo Petroleum with 25%; Arc Energy with 7.5%; Voyager Energy with 5%; and Westranch Holdings with the remaining 5%.