Austin Applauds Success at Wilkerson 2A

Austin Exploration reported that flow tests have been completed on the Wilkerson 2A well and the results have verified the well as a success. It will now be scheduled for connection to the nearby delivery pipeline. The well is one of four wells drilled to date and is the first to be flow tested by Adelaide-based petroleum explorer, Austin Exploration Limited on its new Park City, Kentucky project located in the United States. The company expects to complete flow tests on other drilled wells in this field shortly.

"The test results are very encouraging and verify the individual per well flow expectations that we spent months calculating prior to Austin accepting this project. We hope to get this well connected to the delivery pipeline and begin our first gas sales by June." Austin's Managing Director, Mr. David Schuette, said

An Absolute Open Flow (AOF) of 265 Mcf/day was calculated from the test data. All wells drilled in this field will be acid stimulated. Due to the significant increase in down hole pressure created by the treatment this well will be treated just prior to being connected to the delivery pipeline. This type of stimulation has been performed on two other wells in this field and produced increases in flow of 300 percent and 900 percent respectively. The well is anticipated to initially produce at a sustained rate of between 150 and 200 MCFPD.

Although this well contains both a Fort Payne carbonate reef reservoir and a New Albany Shale pay zone, initial production will be almost exclusively from the Fort Payne carbonate reef. After delivering gas to the market for a period of time the company will fracture stimulate the Shale pay zone. This could significantly increase the 150 and 200 MCFPD production rate. Wells of this type have been known to produce gas for more than 20 years.