Exterra Prepares to Frac RSK-Star #6 Well

Exterra Energy Inc. announced that it is preparing to fracture stimulate (frac) the RSK-Star #6 well located in Wise County, Texas within the core area of the Barnett Shale gas field of North Texas. Two Barnett Shale intervals have been identified in the RSK-Star #6 well; the Upper Barnet Shale, which is 54 feet thick and the Lower Barnet Shale, which is 334 feet thick. The frac treatment will consist of two stages to treat both intervals. Exterra owns a 20.8% Working Interest (15.39% Net Revenue Interest) in the RSK-Star #6.

The RSK-Star lease consists of 264.9 acres with six (6) producing Barnett Shale gas wells. Exterra owns varying working interest in each of those six producing wells. Since December of 2002, the RSK-Star Lease has produced 5,891 Barrels of Oil and 1.8 Billion Cubic Feet of Gas from the Barnett Shale formation. Three (3) additional Barnett Shale drill sites have been identified, which were delineated by a 3D seismic survey over the acreage.

"As an important part of Exterra's continuing development and expansion, the Company will exploit acreage and assets that it holds in the core area of the Barnet Shale gas field of North Texas. The RSK-Star Lease is just one example with currently six (6) successfully producing wells, three (3) additional low risk drill sites and the frac of the RSK-Star #6 well. The Company believes that this is right now the fastest and most effective way to expand revenue. The Barnett Shale gas field is undoubtedly one of the largest producing gas fields in the continental U.S. today, because of this Exterra will also continue to evaluate acreage for additional acquisition," stated Ray Ledesma, CEO.