Pantera Petroleum Addition Senior Petroleum Engineer

Pantera Petroleum, Inc. announced the addition of Bill Jones to its Board of Advisors.

Mr. Jones has been a licensed Petroleum Engineer for 38 years and has led petroleum field operations in major production basins all across the U.S. After earning a B.S. degree in Petroleum Engineering from Mississippi State University in 1968, Mr. Jones began his career with Shell Oil Company in Houston, Texas. After multiple assignments in Texas and Louisiana, Mr. Jones joined Tenneco Oil Company in Denver, Colorado, working the San Juan Basin and the Rocky Mountains.

From 1978 to 1994, Mr. Jones moved back to Texas and worked in various senior operations and engineering management roles, including as Senior Petroleum Engineer and Chief Operating Officer for multiple E&P companies across Texas, including Maynard Oil Company, Lyco Energy, Snyder Oil Company, and Ard Drilling Company.

In 1994, Mr. Jones joined National Energy Group, a publicly held E&P Company, and served as Senior Vice President, Operations, Production and Engineering. In 2004, Mr. Jones formed The Redmon Oil Company and operated properties in New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana. Mr. Jones currently serves as Director and Vice President, Operations for Bridge Energy where he is in charge of all production and engineering for the Company. His responsibilities include evaluation of all potential reserve acquisitions as well as supervision of all field operations.

"We welcome Bill's vast experience in petroleum engineering to our growing team," says Chris Metcalf, President and CEO of Pantera. "Bill's operational experience in the U.S. will be invaluable as we seek to quickly ramp production from our targeted acquisitions in Texas. With the addition of Bill, we have a team of highly competent, diversely skilled oil and gas professionals with over 200 years of industry experience that can propel our Company to the highest levels of growth and achievement."