Platina Reports Oil Production of 1500 bbl/Month

Platina Energy Group, Inc. reports its production run-rate estimates across holdings in Kentucky, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Texas fields. Although Platina has positioned itself as a proven reserve Company, validation of such reserves are further solidified by gross production numbers that will likely exceed 50 barrels per day before the end of April.

These are preliminary forecasts, for oil now being produced in Texas, Oklahoma and Kentucky. Revenue interests vary but will be further delineated in subsequent SEC filings. The Company is compiling data on its natural gas production that will be available shortly.

Blair Merriam, President and CEO comments, "During a time when the general stock market is under pressure, we are exceeding forecasted performance. Our primary focus remains on the accumulation of reserves. With oil and gas near all time highs, we have incredible hidden proven reserve value behind our stock, positioning Platina as an attractive Company on a fundamental basis."