United Energy Expands Product Sales with Trinidad's National Oil Co.

United Energy Corporation announced that Petrotrin-Trinmar Operations, the National Oil Company of Trinidad, following its initial success in treating oil wells with the Company's KX-100 product, has ordered from United Energy Petroleum Services Limited, the Company's distributor in Trinidad, an additional shipment of KX-100 to treat more of its wells.

The KX-100 formula cleans wells of paraffin and asphaltene and substantially decreases oil sludge build-up, resulting in a substantial increase in production. Petrotrin-Trinmar experienced a 50% increase in production in the wells it initially treated with KX-100.

KX-100 is a paraffin and asphalt dispersant that eliminates oil sludge in wells thus increasing overall oil production. At Petrotrin-Trinmar's request, United Energy Petroleum Services Limited is commencing field trials utilizing the Company's Scale Inhibitor and Scale Removers along with Corrosion Inhibitors. Approval of these products in Trinidad will open opportunities to the Company to solve other petroleum related problems within its existing client base.

Ronald Wilen, CEO of the Company stated, "We are pleased that Petrotrin-Trinmar has validated the substantial increase in oil production through use of our KX-100 product. The environmentally safe products offered by United Energy will have a positive impact on the bottom line of the customers we service through increased production and capacity. Oil companies are looking for solutions to increase production in an environmentally safe way. That's good news for United Energy and it's good news for the consumer."