Pemberton to Complete Six Drill Stem Tests in One Well Bore

Pemberton Energy Ltd. has drilled its 10-15-82-3-W6M well to a total depth of 2395.5 m in the Precambrian basement and completed logging the well on March 21, 2008. The Company holds 100% Working Interest with a 75% beneficial interest from surface to basement in this well. Following analysis of the well logs, the Company's geological and engineering advisors have proposed six drill stem (DST) tests in four formations that are believed to contain hydrocarbons.

Pemberton is currently in the process of drill stem testing and will announce results upon evaluating proposed drill stem tests as they are made available to management. One of the DSTs will test a stratigraphic play that is 320 acres in size and is 14 m thick. The remaining zones to be tested range from smaller to larger in size. All DST tests will start with Closed Chamber techniques. Tests may be opened to flow depending how the test develops. All gas and liquid samples will be retained from pipe recovery from the sample chamber. DST 1 and 2 will be completed at 17 m intervals and DST 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be completed at 7 m intervals.

President Richard Saxon states: "We are very pleased with the preliminary results that we received from the Company's geological and engineering team on this 10-15-82-3-W6M well and having the opportunity to evaluate six different zones is very promising. With current regulations allowing production from only two zones per well bore we feel that this information from 6 DSTs is extremely valuable and will assist the Company in further development of Pemberton's land assets in the area."