Three Board Members Resign from First Calgary Petroleums

First Calgary Petroleums Ltd. has received the resignations of current Board members Mr. Alastair Beardsall, Mr. Yuri Shafranik and Mr. Keith Henry with immediate effect. The Board of Directors of First Calgary is now comprised of Messrs. Richard Anderson, Gar Emerson, Shane O'Leary, Darryl Raymaker and John van der Welle.

An Annual and Special General Meeting of Shareholders has been called for April 8, 2008 and a new slate of directors will be elected by the shareholders of First Calgary Petroleums Ltd. at that meeting. Mr. Beardsall, Mr. Shafranik and Mr. Henry are not part of the new Board slate that has been nominated for election by First Calgary Petroleums Ltd. First Calgary has nominated the Honourable Roy MacLaren, Stuart McDowall, David Savage and Kenneth Taylor to join Messrs. Anderson, Emerson, O'Leary, Raymaker and van der Welle to the Board for this upcoming meeting, as announced on March 10, 2008.