EPL Discovers 'High Quality Oil Pay' in Greater Bay Marchand Area

Energy Partners, Ltd reported that in the Greater Bay Marchand area, the ST23 #CC-14st well, was drilled to a total depth of 10,247 feet and encountered apparent high quality oil pay in a single interval. The well, which was a moderate risk, moderate potential well, is expected to be on line in the second quarter. EPL holds a 27% working interest in the well.

The Company's ongoing operations are concentrated in its Central and Eastern core areas. EPL is currently drilling the moderate risk, moderate potential ST23 #CC-15st well located in Bay Marchand and has a rig on location in its East Bay field which is scheduled early in the second quarter to drill the first well in its pilot horizontal program intended to enhance oil production. The Company also plans to begin operations on the first of three wells in South Timbalier 26, including the #F-18st, a moderate risk, moderate potential exploration well, and two development wells.

Additionally, the Company has two Shelf development projects scheduled to commence production early to mid second quarter from discoveries made in prior years, and is expected to commence production on its first deepwater GOM well, Raton, in Mississippi Canyon 248, early in the second quarter.