AOAG Expert Confirms Enormous Reserve Potential

Arctic Oil & Gas, Corp. (AOAG), a petroleum exploration company, confirmed potentially vast "Arctic Commons" oil and gas deposits from geoscientific evidence. Prevalent deposits of what is known as the "Azolla Interval" have corresponded to Arctic finds in northern Alaska, East Barents Sea, and the South Karal/Yamal basins.

According to data from the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP), this interval also bisects the entire Arctic Ocean Commons area Claimed by AOAG, confirming the regional consistency of this source rock, extremely rich in hydrocarbons precursors. Such data is consistent with geological estimates of oil deposits in the area, exceeding 400 billion barrels. Dr. Jonathan Bujack, Arctic advisory board member, confirmed the highly probable validity of the Azolla Horizon data, which supports the conclusions that have been drawn from it.

Peter Sterling, Arctic CEO, stated, "We are extremely fortunate to have brought on board an expert of the caliber of Dr. Bujack. His expertise and his connection to other geoscientists allow us to validate data and confirm its utility in our pursuit of the vast hydrocarbon resources that we intend to successfully locate and extract in the 'Arctic Commons.'"