Harriet JV Increases Production at Simpson Field

Three production infill wells have been worked on over the past few weeks on the Harriet Joint Venture group of fields, namely South Plato-3H, Gibson-2H and Simpson-7. The well are all located in TL/6 south of Varanus Island. The Gibson-2H well was sidetracked from the Gibson-1 well. The Simpson-7 well was drilled from the existing Simpson Alpha production platform.

This South Plato-3H well was drilled as an additional drainage well into the South Plato reservoir to address the increased water cut in the South Plato 1 production well, interpreted as being a bottom hole cement bond failure, and to accelerate production from this field.

The well was successfully located and completed as a new production well. It is presently producing at a stabilized rate of around 7,500 bopd with no water production. The original South Plato-1 well is also back on production at around 2,000 bopd. Combined production rate from the South Plato Field is presently around 9,500 bopd.

The Gibson-2H well was also drilled to address the increased water cut from the Gibson-1 production well, interpreted as being a bottom hole cement bond failure, and is a replacement well. Gibson-2H has been brought back on production however the results to date are disappointing with rates dropping down to 50 bopd. Whilst a full evaluation of the results has not yet been undertaken, the initial interpretations are that the field is geologically more complex than anticipated and hence further geological work is ongoing to interpret the results of this well.

Simpson-7 has been drilled via the existing Simpson A platform to its total depth and encountered a 13.7 meter gross oil column (9.8 meters net). This well will be brought into production on completion of the next well, West Simpson-1. West Simpson-1 is being drilled from the same platform and hence production will be curtailed until operations are completed.

Overall production from the Harriet group of fields is presently around 30,000 bopd notwithstanding that the Simpson Alpha platform wells are off line whilst drilling and completion operations are ongoing at West Simpson 1 and Simpson-7. It is expected that the Simpson Alpha platform wells, Tanami-4, the new Simpson-7 and possibly West Simpson-1 will be on production within the next 20 days.

The Simpson area infill wells with the exception of Gibson-2H have been very successful with overall production rates materially above forecasts. Even though the Simpson Oil Field has been partially shut-in during infill drilling at that location, total liquids production from the Harriet Joint Venture is well above expectation with current production of around 30,000 bopd. At the completion of the current development well drilling, with all fields back on-line, the total liquids production from HJV in the short term is expected to exceed 36,000 bopd.

At the completion of the current oilfield infill drilling program the rig will drill a non Tap well, and then Montgomery-1 in WA-149-P in which Tap holds a 22.47% interest.

Harriet Joint Venture Participants are: Apache as operator with 68.5%; Kufpec with 19.2771% and Tap Oil with 12.2229%.