Frontier Retains Engineering Firm for Geological Eval of Texas Property

Frontier Energy Corp, in its ongoing goal to keep shareholders informed, announces they have signed an agreement with a Texas Engineering firm for the purposes of determining reserve estimation and economic projection of the oil, gas and mineral reserves on a Property.

The report shall be in the form required by Frontier, and in accordance with the requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and/or Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), as applicable. The property currently has 2 new successful wells and what Frontier believes is a large oil reserve. The report should be completed in short order and should the report come back positive, Frontier Energy will close on the lease which includes the existing new wells.

Frontier Energy Corp CEO, Bob Genesi comments, "This is just one of the many properties we are exploring. We are particularly excited about this property that was brought to our attention from our consultant Mr. Bower. One of many we are currently looking at. We look forward to keeping our shareholders informed about our ongoing positive developments."