Maverick's Q4 Revenues Increase 500%

Maverick Energy Group, LTD announced operating results for both the fourth quarter and twelve-month fiscal year 2007, ending December 31st.

Maverick's revenues for the three-month period increased dramatically from $2,460,101 to $9,741,087 for the fourth quarter of 2007 over the same three-month period of 2006, representing an increase of over 500 percent in revenues in the fourth quarter year over year. Maverick's year-end revenues also increased more than 500 percent from $4,568,626 to $24,052,651. The company's fourth quarter revenue growth continued to be on par with the growth it experienced in the third quarter of 2007.

Maverick also reports that for the fourth quarter of 2007, the company's net profit was $252,481 and its net profit for the year was $547,998. This means that the company has reported net profits for two years in a row.

"As our fourth quarter report and annual numbers show, Maverick's revenues continue to climb. This is due largely to the increased activity and production within the Big Foot field in Texas. We are very pleased to announce that the limited liability company that jointly owns the Big Foot leases, Z2 LLC, in which Maverick holds approximately 11.5 percent interest, has finally reached full profitability. As we further build on the drilling program within the Big Foot field, the revenues we derive from the partnership's increasing profits should also grow accordingly. We believe that as the Z2 LLC leases in the Big Foot field continue to mature, the Z2 affiliation should yield strong oil and gas profits for Maverick for years to come. This should help the company to post desirable numbers for the foreseeable future," says Jim McCabe, CEO of Maverick Energy Group, LTD.

"Maverick's success has not only been in the areas of revenues and profits. Over the past year we have increased our available cash holdings by nearly $450,000. At the same time, we have been able to significantly improve our current asset to current debt ratio as well, taking it from approximately .8 to 1 to right at 1 to 1. Because of all of these factors, we believe that Maverick is well positioned to continue expanding all of our drilling programs. As predicted, Maverick turned the corner in 2007 and should continue rapidly advancing on its path to long-term success. We anticipate that as we continue to show increased revenues and strong profits quarter after quarter, it will become much easier to distinguish Maverick from the host of other junior oil and gas companies that may never be profitable for their shareholders. This kind of prolonged success should start attracting an increasing amount of attention from Wall Street. That is exactly what we would like to see for our very dedicated shareholders," continues McCabe.