InterOil Hits Background Gas at Elk Prospect

InterOil Corporation reported that its gas appraisal/oil exploration well at Elk prospect is exhibiting "levels of background gas … similar to other Elk wells … [that] ranged between 0.010% to 3.09%, with C1 (Methane) to C5 (Pentane) encountered while drilling."

However, the company noted that other wells drilled in the area that showed "background gas" did not necessarily hold commercially viable gas.

The operator is prepping the well, which is located in the Eastern Papua basin, for drill-out after testing the casing. InterOil installed a 7 1/16-in. BOP, rotating head and under-balanced drilling equipment. The operator is preparing to run in the hole with a seven-in. bi-center bit to drill to target formation.

InterOil plans a TD of approximately 8,000 feet, targeting the Puri and Mendi, as well as Antelope Reef limestone.

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