Arctic Oil & Gas Appoints Acclaimed Paleontologist to Advisory Board

Arctic Oil & Gas Corp., a petroleum exploration company, announced the appointment of acclaimed paleontologist/paleoclimatologist, Dr. Jonathan Bujak, to the Company's advisory board. Bujak will predominantly work in the development of arctic abyssal geological and hydrocarbon exploration models, to enhance the success of the Company's drilling for oil and gas.

Bujak brings over 30 years of experience and provides specific expertise in arctic geology, paleontology, and paleoclimatology. His expertise is driven by field and lab work with Robertson Research, Mobil Oil, and PetroCanada, followed by membership in the Geological Survey of Canada, where he worked with geologists and oceanographers at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, reconstructing the historical periods of the Atlantic, from Triassic to Recent.

Since 1982, Dr. Bujak has been Senior Partner of Bujak Research, Ltd., based in Canada and the U.K., providing consulting expertise to both governments and industry. Publications include over 100 articles. He brings recognized specialized biostratigraphic expertise for the North Sea and Shetland Islands and has aided in resolving equity disputes in those areas.

Peter Sterling, Arctic CEO, stated, "We proudly welcome Dr. Bujak into the Arctic family and believe that his existing expertise and status in both governmental and oil industry communities will greatly aid us in our march to success. Dr. Bujak's current focus has been on the oceanographic and climate history of the Arctic, which will help us accelerate our drilling initiative."